Singapore Girl: Of Course Local Girls Would Prefer Ang Mohs to Loser Local Men

SPG: You can call me SPG, even though I’m not one of those “Sarong Party Girls” well-known in the past.

After reading that long rant about how Singapore women are so self-entitled and materialistic and think we are so great, I feel the need to reply. (Singapore Women have an “Inflated Sense of Self-Worth and Entitlement”)

That’s really the loser poor men’s mentality that me and my friends hate in Singaporean men.

They’re so insecure that everything single small thing is like a slight to them.

Instead of stepping up and proving themselves better than the competition, they choose to hide and act modest.

Maybe they’ve been watching too many TV dramas, but real life doesn’t play out like that, honey.

I’m not shy to admit that I prefer westerners to Singaporeans.

They dare to approach you, hold a conversation, and speak in sentences that aren’t just 3 letter words, or “ok lor”.

They’re also more gentlemanly, offering to pay for meals rather than straight away split the bill, hold open doors for you, and will send you to your doorstep rather than just the lift landing, or even worse, drop you off on a taxi by the roadside then carry on the journey.

I find Singaporean men clingy, boring and possessive. Everything also cannot do, have to fit in with them, and have to mother them as though one mom isn’t enough.

Their idea of ambition is find a job, buy a HDB flat, have kids, and occasionally travel to Bangkok or some cheap neighbouring country.

Where’s the ambition to aim for something higher, and the sense of exploration and adventure?

You can feel free to disagree with me, I’m speaking from my own dating experience and everyone’s experience will be different.

With all that said, I’ve met some Singaporean men who are truly suave and daring-do.

Unfortunately, they’re in the minority.

I can only hope there are more of them around rather than the kind who only know how to complain about how everyone else is bad because they can’t lift themselves out of their little pigeonhole.


Thank you SPG for this letter.
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