Singapore Homosexuals Make History with Exclusive Locals-Only Speakers’ Corner Event

What do you do when Life gives you lemons?

Cow beh the gahmen until NEA plants more f*cking papaya trees lah!

(Ed’s note: because unlike our Pink Dot pals, we here tend to prefer that sort of ripe, low-hanging fruit. But then again that’s personal preference lah.)

Failing which, just suck it up and do what the gahmen deems is right and proper.

Due to the government’s decree that only Singaporeans and Singapore PRS are allowed to attend Pink Dot 2017, organisers of the annual LGBT event will be erecting barricades around Speaker’s Corner at Hong Lim Park for the pride parade on 1 July.

Security officers will also be stationed at entrances to the event to check the identity cards and belongings of participants.

So, come July, Singapore will see mark the first time a “Great Barricade” has been erected for an event at Speakers’ Corner.

The MHA says that the Great Barricade is aimed at maintaining security, in the wake of recent terrorist attacks around the world.

“The organisers are responsible for ensuring that suitable and appropriate measures have been put in place to ensure these rules are complied with. The Speakers’ Corner is a designated outdoor area for Singaporeans and PRs to participate in assemblies and processions, and for Singaporeans to express their views on issues that matter to them.”

Speaking to the press, Pink Dot organisers have said that the strict measures were a “decision taken out of our hands and is something we do not readily agree with”

The changes come on the back of the recently-amended Public Order Act on general assembly, such that only Singaporeans and Singapore PRs can legally assemble at Speakers’ Corner.


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