1 in 4 Singapore Married Couples Considering Divorce, and Its Not Because of Small Space Sex

Every week, 24 percent of couples here are considering divorce.

But before you say it’s all because of sex in very small spaces, no lah, there’s another more pressing reason for this.

Instead of pressing each others’ buttons, spouses seem are more keen on keeping their fingers on their handphones, and that’s what’s causing much strife.

This was revealed in an online survey of 500 Singaporeans by Prudential.

28 percent of couples reported that their partners preferred spending time on their handphones or computers instead of on them.

Besides handphone use, couples also got into fights due to conventional concerns such as children (46 percent) and money (41 percent).

What’s really depressing to learn about Singapore though, is that we’ve the most number of singles in Asia at 23 percent.

So maybe that very small space wouldn’t come in handy after all, even if you had it.



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