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100 Complaints about Wall Cracks in New Punggol BTO Flat, Waterway Banks

Cracks started appearing in the walls of this Waterway Banks HDB Build-to-Order flat in Punggol, just 3 weeks after its owner moved in.

The cracks were spotted in the living room and bedroom.

The owner, Mdm Mazuwina, called the building services centre, and workers came to plaster over the cracks.

But, to her horror, more cracks appeared after that!

The longest crack is in her son’s bedroom, and extends from one wall up to the ceiling, and down the opposite wall.

“You come home and you see your home like that, is this normal? We see more cracks and the cracks getting longer,” said the mother of two. “It’s heartbreaking.”


After the first cracks were plastered, Mdm Mazuwina’s family bit the bullet, and paid for the walls to be repainted.

There’s been about 100 complaints from Waterways Banks residents to the building services centre regarding the cracks.

Some residents fear the cracks could be a sign of structural problems with the HDB BTO flats.

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