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2 Maids at Same Bendemeer Road Flat Almost Fall to their Deaths


Two frightening incidents involving 2 different maids from the same flat unit in just a span of 3 months!

This 4th floor HDB flat unit at Block 38A Bendemeer Road has been dubbed a “suay chu” (unlucky house) following incidents where the homeowners maids were found in precarious positions on the ledge outside the kitchen window.

In the latest incident on Wednesday (9 Oct), a maid was seen standing on the ledge, and is believed to have attempted suicide (pictured right).

SCDF officers at the scene deployed an inflatable safety life pack in the even that she jumped.

However, the maid had a change of heart.

A resident living in the vicinity said that on 28th July, a different maid was found trapped on the ledge of the same unit (pictured left).

That maid appeared to have lost balance, possibly while tending to clothes on the drying rack, and fell onto the ledge.

She was subsequently pulled to safety.

She was sent home, and the new replacement maid… as mentioned above tried to kill herself from the ledge.

Suay chu, or maybe suay employers?



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