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4-Hour Standoff between Police and Uncle who Trashed His Own House because He Got Dumped by Girlfriend


Ah, Mid-Autumn Festival – when the moon shines at its brightest (unless there’s that god-damn haze, of course).

But for one lovelorn 43-year-old uncle, last night was a total eclipse of the heart.

Because once upon a time he was falling in love, but yesterday he just fell apart after being dumped by his girlfriend, locked the door to his house and turned the whole place upside down!

Le kua lah….


Because the door was locked, the heartbroken uncle’s mom was stuck outside trying to tell him to calm the hell down and stop breaking things.

Finally, she gave up and called the police.

The incident took place at about 6pm yesterday at a 7th floor HDB flat unit at Block 155 Mei Ling Street.

While our forlorn anti-hero Uncle Tan continued to trash his own stuff, about 50 policemen and SCDF officers had gathered outside his house.

During a standoff that lasted about 4 hours, Uncle Tan yelled at the cops and even threatened to end his life.

Riot police waited to storm the unit while SCDF officers prepared to enter through the kitchen window.

Then, just as our boys in blue were about to forcibly enter the house, Uncle Tan opened the door and gave himself up.

He was arrested.

Uncle Tan was heard shouting “Where is my mother. Why is she not here?” as he was led to the ground floor.

As he was being put in an ambulance, he shouted:

“She dared to call the police to arrest me. Better not let me out. Otherwise I won’t let her off!”

He was possibly referring to his mother, who had gone home to inspect the mess her son had turned her house into.

She said:

“I already told him many times… show her that he is sorry and maybe she might continue to stay with him…”



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