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40 Percent of New Flat Applicants Rejected Flats They were Offered

4 in 10 applicants who were invited to select a BTO flat or flats from the Sale of Balance Flats exercise rejected the offer.

This was revealed by Minister of National Development Lawrence Wong in parliament.

The top reasons for refusing a new flat include changing their minds, not liking the units offered, and deciding to apply for flats in other sales exercises.

Mr Wong also said that HDB shortlists flat applicants up to 3 times of the flat supply, and the average time taken to complete the selection of a BTO and SBF exercise is around 6 and 10 months respectively.

Opinion is divided over whether applicants should take what they can get.

Said 35-year-old sales executive Mr Ong:

“If you’re given a chance to select a BTO, you should take it. Otherwise, don’t complain that the waiting list is long and you can’t get a flat and all that. It’s not that don’t have, it’s you don’t want. And because of that, you are making other people who need a home wait and wait.”

But other like 27-year-old gym instructor Edwin said:

“Buying a new house is like buying a car. You go to showroom buy Audi, pay so much but they say only come in sh*t brown colour, you rather take or wait? Remember bro, you got to live with it for a long time ok.”



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