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70-Year-Old Patient Injured after Taxi Abruptly Cuts into the Path of Ambulance

Give way to ambulances, and don’t cut into their lanes abruptly!

One taxi driver who did so over the weekend caused an accident in which a 70-year-old kidney patient had to make an immediate detour to the hospital.

The ambulance had been carrying the patient back to a nursing home after his dialysis treatement.

The driver says he was driving in the left most lane along Cross Street when the cabby suddenly changed lanes.

“The taxi was driving on my right. Suddenly, the driver cut into my lane. I jammed on the brakes. The patient who was sitting in a wheelchair lost balance and fell, hitting his head on the support railing inside the ambulance.”

The driver says the patient complained of giddiness, and his blood pressure suddenly soared.

He quickly called for another ambulance to send the patient to Singapore General Hospital.

An eyewitness who passed by the scene later saw police speaking to the driver and the cabby.

Fortunately for the driver, a dashboard camera mounted in the ambulance captured the accident.


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