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72-Year-Old Aunty Almost Transfers S$200,000 to Online Scammer in 5-Year Con Job

She had been communicating with an “unknown suspect” via Facebook and Whatsapp for more than 5 years.

One thing led to another and she transferred S$75,500 to Mr Unknown on 2 occasions.

But that wasn’t enough to satisfy the scammer.

This time, under the pretence that there were “problems with foreign immigration”, the scammer asked for S$200,000.

The 72-year-old aunty at the heart of the scam was none-the-wiser, but fortunately bank staff who attended to her were.

Aunty went to Maybank last Tuesday (2 Aug) and wanted to transfer the S$200,000 to Mr Unknown.

But two staff at the bank sensed that something was amiss and called the police.

Police investigations revealed that the victim had been a victim of a scam.

But it did take some persuasion before Aunty was convinced that it was Mr Unknown who was lying to her, and not the cops.

Said the SPF:

“Through continuous engagement with the victim, the police eventually managed to convince the victim that the request for monetary assistance was a scam and she did not make any further funds transfer.”

Police have warned the public to be cautious of those whom you meet online, especially those that ask you for monetary help.



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