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80-Year-old Adam Road Cleaner Uncle Dies of Heart Attack while Having a Short Rest

It was 8.30am on a Wednesday (20 Jul) and 80-year-old Uncle Wong was in the midst of work as a cleaner at Adam Rd food centre.

At that time, he complained that he was feeling tired, so he bought a cup of tea and sat down on one of the benches to rest.

That was the last thing he did.

Uncle Wong was later found to have stopped breathing.

He was found to have died of a heart attack.

SCDF officers received a call about the incident at about 3pm.

Uncle Wong had worked as a clearer at the food centre for the past 12 years.

His son said he refused to retire as he had made a lot of friends there during that time.

“We tried to ask him to retire but he insisted on working and took work as a healthy activity.”

Uncle Wong’s son said his father continued to work even though her was getting frailer by the day.

 “My father has grown weaker over the past two years. He needs to take medicine for his blood pressure and cholesterol levels. He wouldn’t tell us even if he was in pain because he didn’t want us to worry.”

We salute this 80-year-old uncle for his dedication to his work.




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