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Actress Claims Creepy Uncle is Stalking Her at Her Jurong HDB Flat

Actress Jayley Woo did not expect some creepy uncle to be staring into her home every other day when her family moved into their resale 4-room HDB flat in Jurong.

Recounting one incident, Woo said that the man was standing at the window of the flat directly opposite hers.

It was around 12pm.

He looked straight ahead at her flat with a “steady gaze” and didn’t move for some 30 minutes.

Woo described the man as someone in his 40s with long messy hair that covers his eyes.

He also spots a moustache and usually wears a blak t-shirt.

The man reportedly uses bedsheets for curtains, except on the window that he watches her house from.

Woo moved into her Jurong flat in September this year, together with her husband and 9-month-old daughter.

She says she has seen the creepy uncle watching her home several times, and is worried for her daughter’s safety.

She has held back on reporting the matter to the police, and is taking a wait-and-see approach to the situation.

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