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After Eating Hotpot Portions for 5 People, Greedy Crook Slips Away Without Paying!

One man, five portions – could this crook have been more greedy?

The freeloader went into a hotpot restaurant in Chinatown, saying that he wanted to order 5 servings of food – one for himself, and for another 4 friends who would be joining him soon but never did.

To be served immediately, because greedy crooks don’t wait for non-existent friends to arrive.

He even ordered additional dishes such as prawn dumplings, pigs intestines, beef slices, and two bottles of beer.

All in, that one man’s 2-hour meal was worth S$214.

The lady boss of the hotpot shop says that throughout the whole makan session, the man would often exit the shop to talk on the phone.

The staff were under the impression that he was really getting impatient with his friends for being late.

“During one phone call, he was heard asking how long it would take to reach Chinatown from Jurong.”

And in one last call, the man appeared to be instructing his “friends” who were driving how to come to go to the hotpot shop.

The next thing staff knew, he had gone missing and never came back.

The incident happened on Tuesday evening (11 Aug).

The hotpot shop lady boss has made a police report and produced CCTV footage of the culprit.

She says that in the future, all customers who leave the shop, even temporarily, will be made to pay up first.

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