AGC Thumbs Down Appeal for Ang Moh Child Sex Predator to Receive Tougher Sentence despite Public Uproar

39 year old ang moh expat and child sex predator Joshua Robinson will not be slapped with a tougher sentence as the public would have preferred.

This comes after the Attorney-General’s Chambers ruled that it will not appeal the 4-year jail term imposed on him.

The AGC said in a statement that the offences Robinson was charged with did not allow the court to impose caning on him despite some factions of society calling for him to be whipped on the backside.

It added that “In discharging our duties, we do not differentiate between Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans.”

Society has been stoked by the seemingly “light” sentence that Robinson got away with.

A petition started online demanding a harsher sentence received close to 30,000 signatories in a span of 3 days.

Such was the outcry that Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shamugam made a statement saying the AGC will look into an appeal on the sentencing.

Robinson was jailed for 4 years after being convicted on 9 charges.

These include the sexual penetration of two 15-year-old girls deemed minors under the law, and showing an obscene film to the 6 year old daughter of a close friend.

During investigations, police found 5,902 obscene films in Robinson’s apartment, of which 321 featured child pornography – the largest stash found on a person in Singapore.


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