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Ah Ma Dies Alone in Flat, Mysterious Burn Marks Spotted in the Kitchen

Mysterious circumstances surround the death of an Ah Ma in her 90s, who was found dead in her 9th-storey flat at Circular Road yesterday evening.

A relative who paid tribute to the ah ma on Facebook later the same day said that a fire had burned down her flat.

Ah ma was living with her 23-year-old grand-daughter and her little dog.

At the time of the fire, only ah ma and the dog were in the flat, and both of them perished.

A neighbour was alerted to the incident that evening when she heard the screams of ah ma’s grand-daughter.

She rushed over to see ah ma lying lifelessly in the kitchen.

Her clothes had been burnt away exposing her charred body.

SCDF officers who arrived at scene didn’t find any fire, though they did spot mysterious burn marks in the kitchen.

Reports say an explosion was heard from the unit which could have been caused by a gas stove.

Earlier that morning, neighbours say the ah ma had gone to the market to buy groceries.

They said that the ah ma has 4 sons, and one of them would visit her every evening.

Police have classified the case as an unnatural death and are investigating.



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