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Ambulance Sending Teen to Hospital for Emergency Treatment Crashes after Van Jam Brakes

All seemed fine during his job at a park in Bedok Reservoir Rd, but when this 14-year-old teenage boy returned home he started to feel ill.

His family reported that he had a 39.8 degree fever, felt giddy and was vomiting.

That’s when they called an ambulance for emergency help.

Unfortunately, an ambulance from the Singapore Ambulance Association (SSA) got into trouble along the PIE while sending the young man to KK Hospital.

That was at about yesterday morning (23 May), during a heavy downpour.

The young man’s elder brother had accompanied him in the ambulance when the driver called out for them to grab what they could in preparation for a crash.

The driver hit hard on the brake and the elder brother says then his 14-year-old sibling was flung around in the ambulance.


It turns out, a van in front of the ambulance had jammed on the brakes.

The ambulance couldn’t stop in time and hit the back of the van.

The teenager was struck in the chest by medical equipment due to the collision, but his brother commended the medical staff in the ambulance.

He said the staff tended to the teen even though they were possibly hurt themselves.


The van had braked suddenly but couldn’t avoid hitting another car in front, which was driven by a 20-year-old accompanied by his girlfriend.

The loverbirds suffered no injuries, but the van driver was also sent to hospital.

Police are investigating the incident.

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