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Ang Moh Lady Strips Naked at MRT Station


This 35-year-old ang moh lady was spotted naked at the platform of Pioneer MRT station!

Well, almost almost naked lah – she left a tiny sock on to hide the modesty of her right foot.

The naked ang moh lady was seen clinging on a man in a cap, while a MRT station staff tried to get her to cover up and leave the platform.

The incident took place on Wednesday (6 Jun) at about 10.30pm.

The naked ang moh lady was arrested by police under the Mental Health Act.

Singapore typically has 2 seasons – the dry season lasting between March and August, and the wet season thereafter.

Perhaps the heat as just too much for this ang moh to bear?

Or was she preparing to go skinny-dipping, with the expectation of another tunnel flooding incident?



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