Angry Ang Moh Cyclist Who Threw Bike at Car Charged with Mischief

Posted on Jan 15 2015 - 9:47am by Benita Aw

Canadian national Jason Blair Unger has been charged in court for mischief, after for throwing his bike on another motorists’ car in a road rage incident.

The incident happend in October last year.

Mr Woo Wing Onn had been driving along Selegie when a taxi had attempted to cut in front of him from the left lane.

Mr Woo honked at the taxi, but Blair, who was cycling in front of him thought that Mr Woo was honking at him.

Furious, Blair stopped his bicycle, picked it up, and threw it on Mr Woo’s car bonnet.

That left 2 large dents were left on the car’s bonnet, costing him S$2,200 to repair.

The whole incident was caught on Mr Woo’s in car dash cam and a video of the incident went viral online.

Blair faces a maximum sentence of 2 years in jail and a fine.

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