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Ang Moh’s Reckless “Your Grandfather Road” E-Scooter Antics Angers Motorists

This ang moh chap seemed to be enjoying his ride. Unfortunately, other motorists weren’t as pleased with his antics.

The ang moh was caught on camera riding an electric scooter and cutting across several lanes of the road, hogging a bus lane, and beating a traffic light.

All this at during the 6.30pm traffic at South Bridge Road.

One driver said he was “smiling away when I drove past him.”

Subsequently, the driver said he spotted the ang moh fighting with a McDonald’s deliveryman at a traffic junction.

It isn’t illegal to own Portable Mobility Devices like electric scooters and unicycles in Singapore.

However, the law forbids the use of these devices on LTA roads, pavements and park connectors.

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