Angry Father says Daughter Broke Her Arm at Childcare Centre but Teachers Left Her to Cry for 45 Minutes

“When my wife went to pick her up, she saw her lying on the floor and crying. There were 2 teachers next to her but they had couldn’t tell us why she was crying so they just left her there to cry because my daughter couldn’t tell her what had happened.”

An angry Mr Lim has accused teachers at a Redhill childcare centre of leaving his 3.5 year old daughter to cry for 45 minutes after she broke her arm.

The incident took place on 24 Jan this year.

Mr Lim said that when his wife went to fetch his daughter, her face was pale and she was holding her left arm.

He said that she overheard other children talking, saying that their daughter was pushed by 2 boys and fell down.

She then quickly sent her to hospital.

The injury was so serious that the toddler had to go for an operation.

Checks revealed that she had dislocated her elbow and broken her arm.

Said Mr Lim:

“She was so scared she kept crying and saying she wanted to go home. She was very afraid of the x-ray procedure because she kept thinking the doctors were going to cut off her hand. Before her operation she kept asking to drink water even though you’re not supposed to eat or drink 3 hours before the operation. We were heart-broken.”

The next day, Mr Lim demanded that the childcare centre investigate the incident, and he said he was very angry to receive the reply that this would only be done after Chinese New Year (28 Jan).

A week later, he said that the school principal gave him a report and asked him to hush up the incident.

He said that’s when found out that the school did not follow protocol by failing to inform regulatory authorities about the case.

Mr Lim has engaged a lawyer to deal with the issued.

The childcare centre manager said that this was a one-off unfortunate incident, and that teachers have been reminded to be extra careful.

The manager said that when the girl started crying, a teacher approached her and asked what was wrong, but the girl couldn’t explain so the teacher kept her company and informed her parents.

However, Mr Lim said he didn’t receive any call.

The matter is now being handled by lawyers appointed by Mr Lim and the childcare centre.



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