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Angry Groom Plays Video of Wife Caught Cheating on Him with Another Man during Wedding Dinner


Guests at the wedding dinner of one businessman were watching a lovey-dovey video of them (as all lovey-dovey videos played at Chinese weddings usually go) when they were treated to a rude shock – a video containing photos of the bride acting lovey-dovey with a man while entering a hotel room.

The problem is – the man in that “hotel room video” wasn’t the groom.

It turns out, a businessman here hired a private investigator to check on his wife prior to their big night.

For one and a half months, 42-year-old Ms Zhuo of Ajax Investigation & Security Services  followed the bride-to-be around.

Ms Zhuo said that the couple were already engaged and wedding dinner preparations had been made.

Then, surveillance caught the bride-to-be entering a hotel room with a lover.

The lovers were seen entering the hotel room, then leaving one after the other after some time.

Ms Zhuo gave the pictures she snapped of the couple to her businessman client and thought he would pull the plug on his “cheat wife”.

But, she was surprised to later receive an invite to his wedding.

It was only when she attended the banquet that she realised that he had planned to publicly embarrass his “cheating wife”.

She said that after the video was played, the groom left the banquet and later told his “cheating wife” in no uncertain terms to go to hell.

Ms Zhuo said that 70 percent of her cases involve partners wanting to checking on whether their other half is cheating on them.

She said that she will film or snap photos of any signs of cheating and report to the client.

That way, said Ms Zhuo, the client is relieved to finally know that his or her partner is faithful, or is able to take the next step knowing otherwise.


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