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Angry Mom Complains that Kid Gets Bitten and Schools Expels Him Instead of the Biter!

She was heartbroken to see that her child was constantly coming home with bite marks.

Little did this mother know that her latest complaint to the childcare centre involved would be her last – the school expelled her son instead of the alleged biter!

Mdm Tan says that since her 5-year-old son started attending school at the childcare centre in Sengkang, he would come home from time to time with bite marks on his hands.

She believed that one particular kid was preying on her son, and raised the matter with the childcare centre many times.

In order to avoid the kid, she even requested that her son be fast-tracked to the next level.

What Mdm Tan didn’t expect that her son would be in the same class as Kid Bite again this year.

The last biting incident took place 3 weeks ago, and that broke her heart.

She once again notified the school and was promised a reply by the end of February.

The school was true to its word and it responded promptly – with a letter of expulsion for her son.

But it had nothing to do with Mdm Tan, according to the childcare centre’s management.

In the expulsion letter, the school said Mdm Tan’s husband had threatened to hurt another student (most likely Kid Bite) on several occasions.

And he was also mean to the school’s staff.

The school said that one time, the Tan couple went to the school office and demanded that they get to meet the parents of Kid Bite and dan tiao (fight one to one).

Mdm Tan’s husband then flipped through a register book showing the timings that parents would pick up their children.

The school says the angry husband/dad/ruffian then told 3 of the staff present to inform Kid Bite’s dad and mom to wait for him after school, as he would be bringing his henchmen down.

The school made a police report.

Also, it revealed that Mdm Tan had difficulty paying some S$5000 in school fees for last year, and even though it allowed her to pay the sum in instalments, she still owed over S$3000.

Mdm Tan says that the dan tiao incident didn’t play out that way and that they had only requested to see the other kid’s parents, and they even smiled and bade goodbye to the staff.

She says that she was facing financial difficulties last year due to leg problem and eventually needed to undergo an operation.

But that wouldn’t matter now, and the kid has to thank his once bitten, twice still not shy hooligan dad for getting him kicked out of school.

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