Angry that She Got Dumped, NTU Girl Risks Life to Climb into Ex-Boyfriend’s HDB Flat Unit

When Lee Kuan Yew said our youth need to get the spurs stuck in their hides so they can have that “drive”, he obviously never met this young lady.

Angry that her ex-boyfriend refused to let her into his home, the 21-year-old girl from Nanyang Technological University risked her life to try and climb into his HDB flat unit.

The incident took place on Sunday at about 1.30pm, at Block 336B Anchorvale Crescent.

Neighbour Ms Yusliena Zulkifli Smith was hanging her laundry when she saw the NTU girl perched on the parapet of the 3rd floor corridor.

She said that the NTU girl looked like she was trying to climb down from there into a flat unit on the 2nd floor via its kitchen window.

“I screamed and asked her what she was doing. She did not answer and instead placed her finger to her lips and asked me to keep quiet.”

Yusliena then rushed outside her home and went to the corridor to ask the NTU girl what she was doing.

That’s when NTU girl climbed back up to the 3rd floor corridor and left.

NTU girl was later arrested for causing intentional alarm.

Police are investigating the case.



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