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Angry Uncle: “I was Framed, the Other Driver Hit My Car and Showed Me the Middle Finger!”


A twist in the tale of the angry uncle who was accused of behaving aggressively and bullying a young lady driver.

48-year-old Mr Teo says Crystal Yeo, the girl who uploaded this video and cried victim, wasn’t the driver of the car.

Instead, she was the passenger in a car driven by a man who tried to cut queue at the customs checkpoint and failed, crashed his car into Teo’s, and later showed him the middle finger.

Teo says he was returning to Singapore at about 4pm on Sunday (12 Jun) after visiting his mother in Malaysia.

At the customs checkpoint, the car in which Crystal Yeo was in tried to cut in front of him.

Teo wouldn’t give way, and the male driver in the car horned repeatedly at him.

Teo stepped on the accelerator just as the male driver move forward to cut in front of him, causing both cars to come into contact.

From the picture (top) you can see that Teo’s car suffered scratches to the rear right door from the collision.

Teo says he got out of his car and approached the male driver peacefully, asking him to wind down the window so they could solve the issue.

He accused the male driver of refusing to wind down the window, and pointing the middle finger at him.

“My car was scratched and he showed me the middle finger. There is a limit to one’s patience. That’s when I got angry and behaved like how I did in the video.”

Teo says got into his car and left after that, intending not to pursue the matter.

But the next day, he got a surprise call from his elder brother informing that his antics had gone viral online.

Teo says he made a mistake, but he has been wronged, and that he didn’t bully a defenceless young lady as Yeo had made the situation out to be.

“She distorted the truth, misled everyone, and ruined my reputation.”

Teo has made a police report regarding the incident, and the portrayal of him online.

He hopes that the male driver in the other car will contact him to settle the matter.


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