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Ariffin Sha Rubbishes Claims that He Ratted on Roy Ngerng and Turned Star Prosecution Witness

Blogger Ariffin Sha has rubbished claims that he ratted on Roy Ngerng in the Heckegate incident last year, where Return Our CPF protestors clashed with YMCA volunteers and their mentally-handicapped charges.

Roy, who’s being charged together with 5 others for violating the Parks and Trees Act, had implied that Ariffin had betrayed the group. He also said that Ariffin had turned key prosecution witness for the prosecution, despite having joined them in the protest marches.

“Ariffin will give evidence for the government, and against the 6 of us who were charged.

According to what Ariffin told the police, he said that he had told us to stop marching after the first round of march. He also claimed that I had apologised because he told me to do so.

Ariffin came into prominence suddenly last year.

I have now become more wary of the people around me and who I put my trust in.


On his Facebook page, Ariffin says he has not been subpoenaed by the Attorney-General’s Chambers, and also denies being a “Star Witness” for the prosecution.

He says he will reserve comment for now as the case is still ongoing.

Ariffin has come out previously to criticise the Hecklegate protest march, calling it “unnecessary” and “uncalled for”.


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