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Arrested and Even More Buay Song, Yishun “Great Wall” Aunty does a Thor on Neighbours

She was arrested on Saturday (27 May) for causing a nuisance to her neighbours.

But it seems that the arrest made this 63-year-old Yishun aunty even more buay song (upset) and now she’s taken to torturing her neighbours with a hammer!

This neighbour dispute has been going on at Block 112 Yishun Ring Road for quite some time now.

Residents at the 6th floor of the HDB flat banded together and built a “Great Wall of Yishun” to stop this errant aunty from throwing things like sanitary pads, oil, urine and soy sauce along the corridor outside their flats units.

In the latest move, they’re even put up durians in place of barb wires!

But Siao Lang Aunty is now out and she’s trying to do a Thor  on her neighbours living one floor below.

(Thor, as in that b*stard who’s damn good with a hammer and hammered chio bu Natalie Portman with his lightning rod)

Those neighours say that she has taken to hammering the floor with, erm, a hammer in the morning.

One affected resident said she first heard the annoying hammering noise at around 10am on Sunday.

At first she thought it was due to renovation work, then realised that the flat unit above hers was home to Siao Lang Aunty.

She went upstairs and knocked on the door of Siao Lang Aunty, but there was no response (except for more hammering).

Yes, it’s Yishun….



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