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“Atas” Shoe Thief at Marsiling only Steals New or Expensive Shoes

Marsiling residents beware, there’s a man going around stealing shoes which residents leave outside their flat units!

And, he it seems the thief got taste – he only swipes new shoes or expensive shoes.

The atas shoe thief was caught in the act on CCTV last Saturday (13 May) at around 4am, at Block 26 Marsiling Drive.

Dressed in a black shirt, jacket and trousers, he was carrying a big haversack bag and a towel.

Video footage captured him squatting in front of a shoe rack placed outside a flat unit and patiently selecting which pair of shoes he should steal.

The shoe thief then put his towel over the shoes, and walked down the staircase.

Several residents have reported that their shoes have gone missing.

One of them said that his S$100 pair of shoes got stolen!


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