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Aunty Loses $76,000 Savings Meant for BTO Flat to Online Scam: “Why No Bank Alerts Despite Me Opting For It?”

A 51-year-old aunty has been left heartbroken after seeing S$76,000 of her hard-earned savings lost to a mooncake scam.

That money was meant to be used to pay for her BTO flat.

All this, because of a “good deal ” on mooncakes which she saw a Facebook advertisement last Thurs (14 Sep).

Mdm Li said that the ad stated a mooncake shop was offering 8 pieces of Mao Shan Wang snowskin mooncakes for a discounted price of S$29.90- almost 50 percent off the original price.

She decided to buy 2 boxes and if they tasted good she would recommend them to her son.

Li contacted the seller and she was sent a link to download a mobile app.

Li made the order through the mobile app and provided her address.

She was told to pay S$1 to confirm the order, but the “kind-hearted seller” said that the “shop” would pay for it.

That made Li lower her guard even though she was a little suspicious that this could be a scam.

She thought less about the matter as her phone continued to function normally.

However, the next morning, Li could not log on to her mobile banking app.

She rushed to an ATM and discovered that S$76,000 of her savings had been transferred out of her bank account across 4 transactions.

Li said that she did not receive any emails or SMS notifications from the bank informing her of the transactions.

This, despite her opting to receive internet banking alerts via both SMS and email.

Li feels that the bank should take some responsibility for her loss.

She has since reported the matter to the police.

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