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Aunty Tries to Buy Cheap Durians Online, Scammed of S$50,000 Life Savings

A 50-year-old aunty found out in a very hard way the old saying that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Mdm Xu was tempted to buy durians from an online seller “TMZ Fresh” after seeing a Facebook advertisement.

The seller was peddling Mao Shan Wang durians at 1kg for S$6.

Mao Shan Wan durians typically sell here for above S$20 a kilogram.

Mdm Xu contacted the seller and they exchanged phone numbers and confirmed on “delivery dates”.

She was told that another customer service representative would follow up regarding payment.

Later on, she received a call from a “Malaysian-sounding” man, who she assumed to be the customer service representative.

The man asked Mdm Xu to download an app called E2 Mall.

On the app, she was told to enter her personal information to apply for a membership.

She also entered her banking details into the app.

After all that, Xu got frustrated that her payment kept getting declined.

The man told her to go down to the bank to get a bank token.

The next day, Mdm Xu was trying to use PayNow to pay for a meal when she logged in to her bank account and discovered S$50,000 had been withdrawn across 2 transactions.

All that was left of her life savings was S$7.

Mdm Xu has reported the matter to her bank and the police.

Investigations are ongoing.

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