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Baby Packed in SG50 NDP Funpack and Abandoned Outside Stranger’s Home

One Ang Mo Kio resident was in for a huge shock after finding this SG50 National Day funpack ourside his home.

Upon closer inspection, the bag contained a live baby and not goodies doled out by the gahman!

Also included was a note, saying that the baby boy’s father died in an accident and and mommy has no money to raise the child.

It turns out the child was left there by its teenage unwed parents – an 18-year-old boy and his 14-year-old girlfriend.

Their names have been withheld as the girl is a minor.

The parents of the baby boy didn’t dare confess their deed to their own parents, yet wanted the child to be raised by someone.

So Daddy left the baby at a a random stranger’s home with the note.

The incident on 2 August last year – just a week before our National Day.

The court has found teenage dad guilty of “recklessly endangering” the life of the baby, and he’s been put on probation and ordered to perform community service.

As for the child, he’s staying with Mommy’s side of the family, with the teenage dad allowed visiting rights and made to pay a S$200 a month for childcare maintenance.

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