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Badly-Parked Audi Gets Plastered with Naughty Notes

Badly-Parked Audi Gets Plastered with Naughty Notes

One Audi driver who couldn’t take the trouble to park properly came back to find his car plastered with stickers notes insulting his eyesight to his ability to have kids.

The driver had parked too closely to the parking lot on the left side, which made it difficult for any other driver to park in the lot.

Some vigilantes took the time to plaster notes on the Audi’s windshield.

One note read:

“I hope you don’t f**k like you park! You’ll never get it in.”

Another showed a a tortoise – not the O$P$ kind, but a colouring book tortoise accompanied with a text asking the driver to try keeping within the lines.

A timely reminder, drivers, to park your car properly!

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