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Baey: “We Will Replace Vandalised Playground by the End of the Year!”

A playground at Tampines has come under the spotlight for its worse-for-wear condition.

Some have questioned how the playground could have lapsed into such a state, and why this went unnoticed by the authorities, especially since it’s near the usual kopitiam where Tampines GRC MP Baey Yam Keng holds his “Kopitalk” meet-the-people sessions.

Baey, who’s also the chairman of Tampines Town Council, says that plans are underway to replace the “vandalised” playground, and warned the public that vandalism is an offence.

There have been some online posts about the worn-out rubber floor of the playground at Tampines N4 Neighbourhood Centre near Blk 478.

I visit the vicinity regularly and am aware of the condition. Due to popular usage and some vandalism, indeed the floor does not look good aesthetically.

We would like to assure the public that this playground is checked yearly by a certified playground safety inspector. The last inspection was conducted in Nov 2014 and prevailing standards, including those for the floor, were met.

Nevertheless, we would like to remind parents and caregivers to supervise their children and abide by the guidelines on the user board. Please note that vandalism is an offence.

The town council has already made plans to replace this playground. The tender was called and closed in March. The works are expected to be completed by end of this year.

Tampines Town Council has put up a notice to update the public of the replacement plan and provide assurance of its safety.

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