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Bangladeshi Worker Filmed Female Colleagues using the Toilet as He was “Angry with Boss’s Wife”

Bangladeshi air-con technician Islam Md Ariful has been jailed for 12 weeks after he was caught filming his female colleagues using the toilet on several occasions.

Just 6 months into the job, Islam decided that he wanted real bad to watch his women co-workers using the potty.

So he hatched an “ingenious” plan to film them in the act – put his handphone in a pail at an angle in which it faced the toilet seat.

He would set the phone to recording mode, then leave the toilet when the coast was clear.

On 17 Nov last year, Islam recorded a 36-year-old manager using the office toilet and come back later for the phone.

On 20 and 23 Nov, he took a video on each occasion of a 26-year-old administration clerk in the toilet.

The women were caught with their pants down in all 3 videos.

Then on 19 Jan this year, his phone was discovered in the toilet.

The matter was brought to the attention to the director of the company, who then called the police.

In his defence, Islam said he was angry with his boss’s wife because she had scolded him using vulgarities.

However, the presiding judge deemed that irrelevant to the case and convicted him on 3 counts of insulting the modesty of a woman.



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