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Beware: Fake Singapore Power Bill Circulating with Potentially Dangerous Attachment

If you receive an email about your power bill from this email address “”, DON’T open it.

If you’ve already opened it and are now feeling kan cheong, DON’T open the attachment that’s included in the email.

The bill is a fake lah!

It looks something like this – pretty much an ordinary looking bill, but notice the sender of the bill.

Now, this is what an actual bill from Singapore Power utilities bill email looks like.

SP has put out an advisory about the fake bill, saying:

“Some of our customers have alerted us to an email they received that appears to be from SP Services ( The email has an attachment that suggests it’s a utility bill.

These messages are NOT from SP Services and recipients are advised NOT to open the attachment. The official SP Services bill summary sent by email does NOT contain any attachment.

For further enquiries, please contact SP Services at 1800 222 2333 or emails”



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