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Beware: IRAS Phishing Scam Going Around


Phishing is a trick which scammers use to obtain your personal data for their own use – most often, with bad intentions in mind.

Today, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore reported that a phishing scam is going around, involving fraudulent emails sent to unfortunately-selected members of the public.

IRAS said that it has received complaints about the scam emails, which the agency believes contains a virus.

The emails mimic IRAS’ email address ending with “”, so as to make them seem legitimate.

Those who receive the email are informed that they are eligible to redeem a certain amount of tax refund.

They are then instructed to click on a link to download and fill in a “tax refund form”, or requested to open a file attachment.

There are 3 types of scams involved: promises of money for little or no effort, deals that sound too good to be true, and peculiar e-mail addresses and website URLs.

IRAS has advised the public not to open links or attachments in the scam emails as they may contain a virus.

The agency says it does not send out official e-mails from personal accounts such as Hotmail, Gmail, or other unfamiliar domains.

It added that e-mail replies are usually signed off with an officer’s name, designation and contact information.

Anyone who has received a suspicious e-mail, letter, SMS or phone call purportedly from the Iras is advised to contact the agency immediately at or on 1800 356 8225 to verify its authenticity.



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