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Beware of Ang Mo Kio’s “Long Po” Ah Ma who Curses and Hantams People without Warning

There’s a “Long Po” Ah Ma going around Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 selling assorted items from a trolley she pushes around.

And you better buy something from her if you don’t want to get scolded or whacked!

One unfortunate victim of “Long Po” Ah Ma is Ah Leong.

Leong was having a couple of drinks and lepaking with his 2 friends at the void deck of Block 416 when “Long Po” Ah Ma approached them hawking her wares.

He said that inside her trolley were things like tissue, koyok, rice and other daily necessities and he didn’t need any of those things so he told her “don’t want”.

At first, “Long Po” Ah Ma spoke to Leong and his friends politely, saying she was a widow and that her “whole body ached” and asked them to help her out.

But when they said they were not interested, she suddenly turned violent.

Said Leong:

“She suddenly hit us, and curse and swear at us in Mandarin, call us useless bastards, uncultured beasts, rotten ruffians who never study and got no future.”

Leong managed to snap a picture of “Long Po” Aunty as he was being whacked.

He said that suddenly, she just stopped and walked away as though nothing happened.

Another unfortunate chap, Ho, also fell victim to “Long Po” Ah Ma.

He said:

“This aunty looks very gentle, but as soon as you say don’t want to buy her face turn black and she will beat you and scold you with all sorts of nasty words. Then just walk off. Damn scary lah”

So if you’re in the vicinity of Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 and see an ah ma approaching you with a trolley, it’s best to hand over your cash, or faster siam!



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