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Beware: Scam Singtel Billing Letter Making the Rounds

A scam Singtel billing letter is making the rounds.

Clarence Tan was one of those who received such a letter.

Enclosed in it was a bill for “8.35”.

The problem is – Tan isn’t a Singtel customer.

Said Tan:

“I called in and tried to enquire about it and had to wait close to 30 minutes before I was attended by a customer support officer. I then explained to them my situation and without much enquiries, they told me that they had been receiving countless calls about this and was told that it was a phishing mail and had been ongoing for quite some time.”

Tan said that despite the “phishing mail” going around for “quite some time”, Singtel didn’t see the need to warn customers and so he took the initiative to do that:

“Before I called Singtel, I went to their FB page to see if there were any post about this and there was none (Not even protecting your customers despite being aware of this scam). Which is why I feel the need to share this with everyone and in a way, save you all the hassle of calling Singtel and experience their crappy customer service.”

Some further checks showed that there were further red flags in the bill:

“Some of you might think that since there is no “-” before the amount, Singtel might me owing me $8.35 instead (I wish). Which is one of the reason why I called them to enquire in the first place(Free money right? Who don’t want?).

There is also a lack of detail in the letter itself and my sister actually spotted a return PO Box address printed on both the envelope and the letter itself. Googled Singtel’s PO Box address and it did not match the one stated.”

If you received a suspicious-looking bill asking for payment from Singtel, do check with the telco to see if it’s indeed a legitimate bill.

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