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Beware! Scammers Now Posing as CDAC Officers

As if posing as Chinese government officials, the Singapore ICA, our local police etc wasn’t enough…

Now, the Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) has warned people not to get duped by scammers calling them and pretending to be CDAC officers.

There has been a report so far of one CDAC beneficiary who received a dodgy automated call from such scammers.

The bursary recipient said the call came a local mobile number.

The scammer claimed that there was some issue with the bursary.

Fortunately, she didn’t get fooled.

She later contacted CDAC regarding the incident and it was confirmed to be a scam call.

CDAC has urged Singaporeans to stay sharp and not spill any personal info to scammers who call us out of the blue.

Keep your guard up, folks!

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