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Bimbo Lian Trashes Singapore, Condemns Singlish

Bimbo Lian Trashes Singapore, Condemns Singlish

A bimbotic ah lian can barely string 2 English sentences together has trashed Singapore in a public video interview, citing Singlish as her pet peeve.

When asked in the interview for her opinion on what’s the best thing about Singapore, Bimbo Lian replied:

“Nothing. I don’t like my country.”

And as for what’s the worst thing about Singapore?

“The people, like… like, how the way they talk and stuff like that.”

Bimbo Lian had some advice for tourists wanting to visit:

“If you go there for holiday, it’s fine. Like… grew up living there, don’t do that.”

Surprisingly, whether she was conscious of it or not, Bimbo Lian was holding close to her chest what appears to be a vaping tool.

Vaping is illegal in Singapore.

Singapore could be considering making it illegal to use the term “like…” an excessive number of times as a filler word during conversations.

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