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BreadTalk Pulls Soya Bean Milk, Says it Had “No Intention to Mislead” amidst Consumer Firestorm

BreadTalk has stopped selling the soya bean milk drink which has been making headlines recently.

This comes amidst a consumer witch hunt, after Redwire published a story that showed BreadTalk staff filling bottles of “freshly prepared” soya bean milk sold by BreadTalk with soya bean milk from a Yeo’s prepackaged drink pack.

The story, published yesterday (3 Aug) has to date received 35,000 Facebook “Likes”, and been shared more than 6000 times.

Netizens stormed BreadTalk’s Facebook page, demanding answers and accusing the company of misleading consumers into believing that they were buying “freshly made” soya bean milk.

redwire singapore breadtalk soya bean milk 2redwire singapore breadtalk soya bean milk 1
BreadTalk has admitted that the drink was from a Yeo’s packet, and that it buys the drink from Yeo’s in bulk.

The company then repackages it into plain plastic bottles, which it then sells as BreadTalk soya bean milk across its 47 stores in Singapore.

It has apologised to consumers for the wrong impression created and stated that it never meant to mislead consumers.

redwire singapore breadtalk replies soya bean milk
BreadTalk explained that the company had used spare bottles with “freshly-prepared” labels to package the soya bean milk.

The company said that the bottles were previously used to package fruit juice.

BreadTalk will resume selling soya bean milk soon, serving the drinks out of labelled drink dispensers to prevent misunderstandings.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. James

    August 4, 2015 at 10:17 pm

    This is disgraceful. I can’t believe that a Singaporean company is doing such dishonest thing to deceive his fellow Singaporean.

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