NMP Has-Been Accused of Involvement in Price-Fixing Scandal Trashes Internet Sites for Causing People to Break the Law

Our dear friend Calvin Cheng is at it again!

This time, he’s accusing what appears to be online media website like us of causing people to break the law, beat up cops (Cardboard Mata included), vandalising HDB areas and sending death threats!

Here’s his full Facebook post on the issue.

“It is my opinion that the current spate of people recklessly breaking the law, assaulting policemen, vandalism of HDB blocks, death threats etc is a direct result of rogue Internet sites.

People go online and read all the hatred and vile rhetoric, get psyched up, believe that there are many people who will support them, and get emboldened into breaking the law.

The boundaries between the online and offline world are getting more and more blurred and the authorities should spend more time and effort dealing with bad behaviour on the Internet before more and more of it spills over to real life.”

Cheng is a has-been former NMP who possibly believes he’s God’s gift to the PAP, although he has never been acknowledged as such.

He’s been accused of involvement in a price-fixing scandal: https://redwiretimes.com/cow-beh-cow-bu/former-nmp-calvin-cheng-accused-role-price-fixing-scandal/

And also, he finds opposition politics destructive as well: https://redwiretimes.com/cow-beh-cow-bu/calvin-cheng-chan-chun-sing-chee-soon-juan/

Oh yeah, and Calvin thinks it’s ok for foreigners to send death threats to Singaporeans too: https://redwiretimes.com/singapore-in-brief/calvin-cheng-edz-ello-ttsh/

What’s your thoughts?

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