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Carousell “Buyer” Scams Hospitalised Man of S$8000 Rolex Watch with “Magic Hands” Move

Usually its buyers beware for online shoppers, but this time round it’s the seller who got the raw end of the stick.

One businessman abang, 26-year-old “Rafi”, put his 2007 series Rolex Submariner up for sale on shopping platform Carousell for S$8000.

He was contacted by a man interested in buying the watch and they agreed to meet last Friday (29 Sept).

That meeting would take place at Singapore General Hospital as Rafi had just undergone an operation and had to be warded.

The buyer turned up on time, and after some small talk, began to inspect the 2007 Rolex Submariner.

Then, he asked Rafi to remove the watch from his wrist as he wanted to inspect the back of the watch case for the serial number of the Rolex (yeah, atas watches have individual serial numbers instead of “Made in China AAA grade” on the back of their watch cases).

Suddenly, the “buyer” said that the crown of the watch had fallen off and bend down to look for it.

That’s when, Rafi believes, the “buyer” pulled a “magic hands” move (aka “hands move so fast you don’t even know what happened until  you kena played” stunt).

“I think he did that to distract me and that’s when he switched my original Rolex with his ‘fake’ Rolex. His ‘fake’ Rolex looks like one of the Submariner series, but the watch case is thicker and not the same as mine.”

It happened so quickly that Rafi didn’t even notice what had happened.

The next thing he knew, the “buyer” put the watch back together handed it back to him.

He then said he was going to the ATM at the hospital lobby to draw money.

Of course, the “buyer” never came back.

When Rafi checked the watch, he realised that it wasn’t the same 2007 Rolex Submariner and messaged the “buyer” on Carousell.

And yes, of course, he was ignored by the “buyer” because what scammers do best is run road.

Rafi has made a police report regarding the incident and urged people selling expensive items online to always be on their guard.


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