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Casanova “God of Gamblers” Uncle Cheats Family of Mom, Daughter and Niece of S$280,000!

Just two persons shy of a royal flush.

Still, this uncle managed to cheat a family of mother, daughter and niece of a whopping S$300,000 altogether.

Professing to be an expert gambler, he first serenaded the 70-year-old daughter and became her lover.

For 10 years since her husband passed away, this 70-year-old had been living a lonesome existence.

Up stepped the “God of Gamblers”.

He drove her to the market to buy groceries in a Mercedes Benz, and even encouraged her to put on makeup while complimenting her on her beauty.

He also gave her S$100 every two days to buy whatever her heart desired.

And the killer heart-melting line – God of Gamblers uncle told her to resign, and that he would support her.

She introduced him to her 90-year-old mother, and 55-year-old niece, who found him polite and amiable.

Damn, he even bought grandma durians!

But things turned awry after that honeymoon period.

God of Gamblers uncle then started borrowing money from her.

He also asked for jewellery when the money ran out.

He managed to borrow S$50,000 from her, but still finding that money no enough, he then targeted mom and niece too.

They fell for his charm, and altogether, the family parted with S$280,000.

This was revealed by the woman’s niece, who is remorseful that she introduced him to one of her businesswoman friends because he said he was looking for some freelance help.

What she didn’t expect was that the God of Gamblers uncle would get up to his tricks and seduce her.

He had a sexual tryst with the businesswoman, and also scammed her of S$300,000.

But that’s when the cards toppled for him.

He told her that he had devised a “sure-win” formula to win S$9.6 million, and needed to borrow money from her to gamble in Macau.

She gave him all her savings, and off he ran, never to be seen again.

The businesswoman hired a private investigator to hunt him down, and that’s when she realised that she had been cheated.

And she shared this information with the other family of victims too.

The victims hope that by sharing their story, others will not fall into the trap of this Casanova “God of Gamblers” uncle.

So ladies, if someone appears in your life and appears too good to be true, be warned and be wary!

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