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Catfight at Changi Chalet: Four Potty-Mouthed Teen Girls Savagely Hantam One Timid Victim

A chalet gathering attended by around 100 youth last Fri (17 Nov) was disrupted by a brawl which saw 4 girls gang up on one victim.

The incident took place at the Civil Service Club chalet at Changi (CSC@Changi).

At around 9pm, a girl wearing a white top suddenly shouted vulgarities at a girl wearing a black top

Others around got excited and egged her on to attack the girl.

One even shouted that he paid S$25 and wanted to watch a fight take place.

The girl in the white top, together with 3 other girls wearing white tops then rushed towards the girl in the black top.

They pulled her hair and pushed her on the ground, all the while shouting vulgarities at her.

The girl in the black top did not retaliate.

After the blows died down, she got up and left the scene.

Blood was seen around her nose and eyes.

The girl’s mother rushed to the scene when she was alerted to what happened.

She sent the girl to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital for treatment.

The girl was discharged yesterday (21 Nov).

The attackers, girls between the age of 14 and 15, are being investigated by police.

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