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Chan Chung Sing Promise Pay Boost for Civil Servants

According to Minister-in-charge of the public service Chan Chun Sing, who also happens to be Education Minister, almost all civil servants will receive a salary increment that exceeds Singapore’s core inflation rate of 5.1 percent after taking into account any recent adjustments to their salary.

Chan was responding to a question in parliament as to whether the about whether the Public Service Division will consider a one-time wage adjustment for all civil servants to offset the anticipated high core inflation rate this year.

Last week, the government announced that civil servants will receive a 1.1-month year-end bonus and junior grade officers will get an additional one-time payment of S$700

In June, the government announced that civil sevants will receive a salary increase of between 5 percent and 14 percent.

However, the outlook for workers in the private sector is not as optimistic, with any wage increments expected to come in at around 3.5 percent on average.

Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong has also recently told private companies to scale back on pay increments to avoid worsening the current inflation situation.

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