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Ch**Bye Driver Occupies Not One, but TWO Handicap Parking Lots at a Time


They say that if you’re going to do something, do it well.

So if you’re going to inconvenience the disabled, might as well inconvenience them gao gao, right?

That could have been the logic behind why this inconsiderate driver decided to occupy not just one, but TWO of the handicapped parking lots at the SingPost outlet at Yishun Central.


The incident happened at about 4pm today.

Said eyewitness Alan Chong:

“Not only did the driver of SJT5426Z parked in reserved lots for handicap drivers, he must occupy TWO handicap parking lots!

The car behind him came as I was taking photos, driven by a handicap driver with a Blue label. It hurts me to watch the handicap driver struggle to park into the remaining half a lot, turning the steering wheel over and over, bending his body, twisting his head in discomfort while he tries to park in a lot he has the privilege to park in.

If that’s not bad enough, SJT5426Z’s rear end sticks out of the lots, and was causing inconvenience to passing cars. Trucks had to maneuver around it.”

Alan ended with a hearty “SJT5426Z, you champion!”

We second that, and that’s why we’re nominating you, SJT5426Z driver, for the Redwire Ch**bye Driver of the Year 2016.



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