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“Cheap Sluts” deserve Cheating Boyfriends: Woman Shamed for Exposing Boyfriend’s Womanising Ways

A woman exposed her boyfriend’s womanising ways with 5 other woman on local forum Hardwarezone.

But instead of gaining sympathy, she got whacked for being a “slut” instead.

Forum user “mstrikesback” started a thread “Mark his name, A lying boyfriend cheating with more than 5 girls !! ” and shared this post about her cheating lover.


Then to her horror, forum users flamed her instead of offering words of encouragement.

This flaming was taken to the extent where someone claiming to be the brother of “mstrikesback” stepped in to speak on her behalf.

You know, because she was just trying to warn other women not to fall prey to the alleged womaniser.


Victim-blaming, or hard truths?



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