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Checkpoint Money Wars: Transport Ministry says It Could Withdraw Reciprocal Road Charge

Hope for Malaysian motorists – our Transport Ministry says it could withdraw the Reciprocal Road Charge which is to commence on 15 Feb 2017.

This will happen only if Malaysia scraps its Road Charge, or if it implements the fee in a non-discriminatory way – meaning that all foreign-registered cars should pay the fare, and it should be charged at all its land borders and not just the Singapore-Malaysia border.

Said the Ministry:

“The Malaysian Road Charge is levied on Singapore cars. It is not clear when Malaysia will extend its Road Charge to its other borders with Thailand, Brunei or Indonesia.”

The RRC would mean all foreign-registered cars would need to pay S$6.40 to enter Singapore via the Woodlands or Tuas Checkpoint from 15 Feb this year.

The fee, which comes on top of the current S$35 VEP and other toll charges, is supposed to be retaliation for Malaysia’s implementation of the Road Charge of RM20 in November on all foreign-registered vehicles.



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