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China Chio Bu gets Cheated of Love, Sex and S$130,000 by Singapore Loverboy


She thought she had found The One, but he turned out to be nothing but a love fraud.

And, a cash swindler too!

32-year-old Ms Li, a Guangdong native, met a 32-year-old Singaporean man on Wechat last year.

“He looked like someone with good upbringing and developed an affection for him. He said his family owned a luxury hotel and he was working there.”

In April this year, Loverboy went to visit Ms Lee in Guangdong.

Later the same month, she came to Singapore to visit him.

In that one week, their feelings for each other deepened.

They enjoyed each other’s company and had sexual relations over the course of the week.

After Ms Li returned to Guangdong, she received a message from Loverboy.

“He said he wanted to work in Chengdu, but couldn’t get approval for a credit card. I thought since we were a couple, I should give him my credit card details so he could use it.

Loverboy racked up a credit card bill of S$38,590.

Still, Ms Li thought it was okay because it was for love and they were in a relationship.


“Later, he asked me to go and live in Singapore. He said he would arrange a job for me. He asked me to transfer S$5077 to him.”

That didn’t work out, but Loverboy (who supposedly was heir to a luxury hotel) said he would hire her as his secretary.

But first, she had to transger S$90,500 to him as part of due process..

Ms Li found something odd about this request and told her family members.

That’s when she found out that she had been blinded by love and taken advantage of.

In total, Loverboy fleeced her of about S$130,000.

But what Ms Li is more sore about is, he cheated her feelings and her body.

She said that when she asked Loverboy to return the money he spend on her credit card, he delayed and eventually never paid her back.

As for the “job offers”, he claimed that he couldn’t get her a job as she did not provide her educational certificates.

Ms Li has learnt a painful lesson and lodged a police report in China regarding the matter.



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