China Girl Claims Singapore Boyfriend Cheated Her of Thousands of Dollars while “Playing” Other Girls

China native Cai Yanyan claims she was cheated by a local lad.

According to her, the guy named “Charles” started out borrowing money from her, then progressed to theft.

Perhaps the worst part of Cai’s tale is, he wasn’t her one and only despite all the outpouring of cash.

“I knew this person from 2013, he borrow 4000sgd plus to Gamble. Always use my money to go clubbing. 2015 SEP he stole about 5000sgd from me to do some illegal things.

After that in 2016, he keep stealing money from me, sometimes is 100, sometimes is 2000CNY or 200USD. And now never pay back to me. Creat two FB and love to play girls work in club.

Hey, Charles Tan, you know your Hermes, your IWC, your LV shoes, your Prada shoes, your Versace shoes, your Givenchy shoes, your Christian Louboutin, your chrome heats t shirt, your Givenchy shirt. All bought by me.

You are not rich, don’t be so shameless.  Still don’t want give back my money and my clothes.”

Cai, who comes from Suzhou, says that she doesn’t need him to repay the money, but wants to warn other girls about the scoundrel so they don’t get cheated too.

She says she’s ashamed to share this story publicly, but feels that has to do so to exposed this “white-eyed wolf”.



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