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City Harvest Chiobu Serina Wee Played Backup Singer on Music Dud Sun Ho’s Albums!

She’s all about the money, money money… and maybe a song or two.

We’re not sure which is worse – the revelation that City Harvest Church’s former finance manager, Serina Wee, performed backing vocals on Sun Ho’s albums, or the accusation that she’s one of six people involved in alleged bond sham investments to finance Sun Ho’s music career.

Wee was featured in two of Sun Ho’s Christian music albums.

That was revealed in court on Thursday (16 Apr).

Wee is now facing faces 10 charges of criminal breach of trust (CBT) and falsifying of accounts, in the long-drawn CHC trial.

She has maintained that there was no conspiracy to commit Criminal Breach of Trust, and denied allegations that the church’s building fund had been used for Ms Ho’s publicity and promotional campaign.

The only one who could ever reach me... Was the wife of a preacher man!
Still, backup singer to Sun Ho, for whom CHC had to squander S$500,000 to buy back 32,500 CDs of her Chinese album?

Maybe CHC would have earned that half a million by making Wee frontwoman instead!

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